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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to English Hypnotherapy and guide you to where you want to be. I hope you find time to explore this website, to find out far more about me, how my experiences and qualifications will be used positively to change a whole range of areas that you may need support with.
Whenever I talk to friends or family about hypnotherapy it is amazing that their instant response is “Can you help me with…” and invariably the answer is YES!
Take a look at "Help is Here" on the left hand margin at the therapies; do any of these ring a bell?
Whoever you are, life will occasionally deal you a bad hand, most of the time we have the inner resource to deal with the majority of problems as they come along. However, every now and then additional help and support is required to really make positive, life changing decisions and help you to set goals that change the way you are.
You have begun an amazing journey by logging onto this website, it may have been out of curiosity or you are currently looking for support in something you wish to tackle in your life either way please don’t stop here.
Come with me to use the power of hypnotherapy and NLP to really change your life positively! You have it in you. Rely on my experience and skills to guide you to a place where that inner strength is released and all the desires and goals that you have are fulfilled.
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